Results 02.11.12

The following ran the 2012 QC Ultramarathon

John Smart  11.20

Alistair Shelton  8.30

Richard Peters  9.37

Steve Kennard

Brad Monaghan  7.02 (Record)

Andy Bennett

Veronique Chamberland

Nicolas Mohli

Richard Holdaway  10.53

Mary Lister  10.25

Carla Duffield  9.34

Luke Budd

Linda English

Martyn Crossley  10.42


15 Responses to Results 02.11.12

  1. Brad Monaghan says:

    Thanks very much for putting on the event, was a stunning day – living in Wellington I wasn’t used to that heat though! Did you want times submitted? Cheers again

  2. Carla Duffield says:

    Hi Martin
    Yes, thanks for organising. I plan on coming back next year!
    My time was 9hrs 34mins. My parents took a few photos of some of the runners, would you like me to email them through to you?

  3. Daymark PR says:

    Hi – thanks for organising. Great day out, great views and company. 9hrs 37 for me. Back in Sydney with sore quads but thinking about the next NZ adventure. Cheers, Richard

  4. Alastair Shelton says:

    Fantastic day, beautiful course, loved it 🙂
    8hrs 30 for me

  5. Véronique says:

    Hello everybody!
    Thanks to Martin for the organization and thanks to Carla’s parents for giving me water on the way! 🙂 It was really worth the trip out of New Caledonia. Stunning day, nice group of passionnated runners, I had a really great time. I also have got some pictures of the arrival and would like to share them, how can I do that (email? facebook?)
    My time was 8h41.

  6. John Smart says:

    My (John Smart) time 11h20m. I loved the concept that we can still just run and not have our wallets stripped by all the add-ons, allowing us to be self reliant, no medals, recording results like this is fine by me. Thanks Martyn for setting a date (Fri was good and may have been fewer mountain bikers and others on whom we intrude), and arranging ferry. I plan on being there 2013.

  7. deckdweller says:

    Thanks Martin for organising such a great event. My time to the 51km mark was 9h20m before my old knee injury got the better of me. I hope to be able to come back and finish sometime in the future!
    Linda English

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