Check List

1. Contact Beachcomber Cruises in Picton and pay the transport fee to be taken to Ship Cove (Start). Tel: 03 5736175

2. Be at their office (London Quay, Picton) at 5.15am on Saturday 2nd November 2013. Boat departs Picton at 5.30am. Journey time is about 1 hour.

3. Race Starts whenever the first person takes off! Last year it was 6.30am.

4. There are no aid stations and there are no guarantees that water along the track is safe to drink. Runners are responsible for their own water and nutrition. Some runners bring their own support crew.

5. Food and drink (Hot dog and Coke) available at Anakiwa.

6. The race is unofficial. The D.O.C are happy with the event taking place providing it is simply a group of like-minded individuals coming together at the same time to share a journey through the Queen Charlotte Track. There are therefore: no entry fees, no prizes, no support during the race, and no sponsorship.

7. I would strongly recommend the Anakiwa Backpackers for accommodation in Anakiwa.

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