The cost will be made up of the following elements:

  • Transport of runners from Picton to Ship Cove. $50.00 per person to be paid direct to the operator (Beachcomber Cruises Tel: 5736175 Ask for Julie). Beachcomber Cruises will also take care of the 4 day pass to the QC Track $12.00. $62 in total.  The 4 day pass will be issued on the Boat. There is a limit on the number of people that Beachcomber Cruises can take out to Ship Cove for the start.    
  • QC Ultramarathon Finishers Medal (optional). These will ONLY be ordered once we know how many are needed and the money has been paid. The approximate cost is about $25 for those who want one. Nobody wanted medals in 2011 (11.11.11) and nobody wanted a medal in 2012.
  • Post race BBQ and drinks to be paid direct to the provider.
  • Contribution to a charity. Nothing has been arranged at the moment but any suggestions would be welcome.

17 Responses to Cost

  1. Rob Cox says:

    What are the details? Looks like a good challenge.

  2. Sam Bartholomew says:

    When do we need to sort out payments by

    • Lora says:

      Hey Sam,
      The Payment for the need to be paid before you depart Picton, this is not payable on the day so if you ring the Beachomber Cruises Office the ladies there will give you details (03 573 61 75 )

  3. In order to keep this ‘unofficial’ it is important that I do NOT receive any money. There will also be NO sponsorship.
    The costs involved are listed above. The most significant cost is for boat transport out to Ship Cove.
    You also need the 4 day pass to the QC Track ($12.00). Go to the website for details of where this can be bought:

  4. Dean Robertson says:

    Good idea. “Unofficial” and no sponsorship are fantastic ideas. Let me know how I can help.

  5. The QCT Tribute was a voluntary contribution and unfortunately the take up on this was not very good and therefore wasn’t generating much income. So, last year, the private landowners (QCTLC) brought in the compulsory QCT Track Pass ($12) and so now there was no need for the voluntary $5 Tribute. The objective of this pass is the same as the Tribute though – to raise money that can be then put back into the track ie ensuring public access, generating money for maintenance, improvements and enhancements to the Track.

  6. Ian.S says:

    nice part of the country to run in – kudos

  7. Steve Prosser says:

    My first ever ultra was the 68km ‘Queen Charlotte Ultramarathon’ back in 1995. It was shorter then because the track (at the time) followed the ridgeline rather than ‘skirting’ around the sides, as it does now. You can still see where there old track went in many places, but a lot of it is becoming overgrown. I think it’s fair to say that it was harder then, but 71km is still a bloody good challenge in anyones book. Huge up’s to those that finish it this year, and I just might see you there…!

    • Steve Prosser says:

      I also meant to add that the cost back then was $110.00, which was pretty expensive back in 1995.

    • I suspect the 16 years might make this version a bit more difficult than last time even though the route may be easier. Hopefully we’ll see you at the start? Cost in 2011 is No entry fee. $50.00 for transport of runners and gear from Picton to Ship Cove, onward transfer of gear to Camp Bay and then on to the finish at Anakiwa.

  8. Kimble Rawson says:

    I am very keen for 2012 any day would suit me
    Cheers Kimble

  9. Ash Walker says:

    I am pretty keen on a finishers medal. Happy to pay a reasonable amount 🙂

  10. Paddy Dowling says:

    Hi Martyn. I didn’t realise how much of a legend you are. I used to work for the department of conservation so understand where this is leading. I will definitely donate some money to a worthy charity that you select. I will sort the transport by boat today and book in. Thanks for everything you have done and the opportunity you have given all of us to be in this epic event.

  11. Patrick says:

    I am interested in a medal as well, would be happy to pay the amount today if it can be confirmed that the medal production is going ahead. Cheers.

  12. Blair says:

    Any chance of this happening again in 2014? Really keen on doing it and/or organising it if there’s still a chance of getting it done.

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