QC Ultramarathon 2012

Friday 9th November 2012

Same registration procedure as last year. Just list your name below and then follow the advise given on the CHECKLIST page.

This was last years registration of interest page. If you wish to run the QC Ultramarathon in 2013 then please list your name on the 2013 Registration page.

70 Responses to QC Ultramarathon 2012

  1. Di Peterson says:

    I would love to be in this for 2012. Count me in, I’m starting training today.

  2. Katherine says:

    I would like to register for this ultra 2012.

  3. Vanessa Preece says:

    I am very excited to have the opportunity to do this event

  4. Steve Dekarski says:

    Count me in.

  5. Garry Butler says:

    Count me in.

  6. John Smart says:

    from Auckland, yes, another Jafa, but I will be there. Easy on 9th or 10th, just let us know so that we can confirm the ferry. I guess that we will miss the end of race BBQ if we get to Picton that day, so accommodation at Anakiwa better be arranged for the end of play. Need some rules like – No biting, scratching, kicking, and all must “play nicely with others”

  7. John Smart says:

    Yeah, another JAFA, but I will be there. Easy as to if 9th or 10, just as you to let us know in good time for booking ferry, and finish night accommodation at Anakiwa. Don’t want to miss the BBQ by getting out of there too fast at the end of play. Needs some rules like – “must play nicely with others” and “no biting, scratching, kicking”.

  8. Olivier LACOUA says:

    Let me know when registration open, I would be very keen to run the 71km either Fri or Sat

  9. Christian Sykes says:

    sold. either days works.

  10. Fiona Cameron says:

    I would like to register for this event in 2012, either day is good.

  11. David Ayre says:

    Count me in, Looks wicked to me! time to turn myself into a runner!

  12. Jim Sheehan says:


    Please put me down as a tentative, i’ll try to give a solid yes/no a month out. Sounds like fun though.

  13. Alexis Jones says:

    Count me in!

  14. Daymark PR says:

    Count me in for 2012

  15. Geoff Neal says:

    Hi all. Dead keen! Auckland now but the farm in Rapaura and the Sounds will always be home. Marathon runner keen to finally knock off this great walk with a great big run. 027 467 4448

  16. Dion says:

    Could someone please e-mail me in plenty of time to enter as I would love to fly over from Ausi and run this.

  17. Tim Lichtenstein says:

    We will definitely have 3 runners … possibly 4 for 71kms if you can lock it down and commit.

  18. Tim Lichtenstein says:

    …. sorry meant to include comment about dates – either date will work for us

  19. Jono Williams says:

    Hi, please add me to the 71km race. I prefer Saturday.

  20. Jill Bishop says:

    Maybe 3 or more in our group keen to do it. Have exam Friday morning so can only do it if it is on the Saturday. Fingers crossed that it is Saturday.

  21. Brad Monaghan says:

    Would be really keen to run this – ideally Saturday if possible. Just hiked it this week, was amazing – very keen to take part in this!

  22. Carla Duffield says:

    Please put myself and one other – Luke Budd on your entry list. Would prefer Saturday.

  23. Brendan Lee says:

    I would love to be a part of this. Saturday would be great please

  24. Andy Backhouse says:

    Would love to do this, but I couldn’t make Friday. So Saturday for me please. My wife isn’t convinced I could recover to do the Kepler too, so that sounds like another challenge

  25. Jill Bishop says:

    Trying to get out of my exam so if you go for the Friday should be able to make it. When are you likely to make the announcement because those of us booking flights need a bit of notice? Thanks Jill

  26. Brendan says:

    The Saturday would be great please

  27. Brendon says:

    Keen if it’s the Friday.

  28. Craig Pannett says:

    I would like to register for this event in 2012, either day is good.

  29. Pete Askin says:

    I’m up for that, please. Either day

  30. Gareth Rapley says:

    Yes please! Either day.

  31. Tony Hill says:

    Sounds like a good reason to get fit

  32. Caeley says:

    I’m in for 2012. Thanks

  33. luke budd says:

    Im in, me plus one đŸ™‚

  34. Andy King says:

    Looks like a great run, put me on the list 2012. either Friday or Saturday works for me.

  35. James Kean says:

    definitely keen, there are atleast three of us who will enter for the 71km……maybe 2 more as well and yes there are more jafas heading to Marlborough……

  36. Kimble Rawson says:

    Im keen either day

  37. DrSarbJohal says:

    Keen for Saturday, if possible

  38. DrSarbJohal says:

    Nope, sorry, looks like I’ll be returning from overseas that weekend. Let me know if the date changes (tiny chance, I know).

  39. Alastair Shelton says:

    I’m in. Prefer Friday but Saturday is fine to

  40. Amy Bourke says:

    I’m keen!

  41. Simon says:

    I’m keen , either day good

  42. Shane says:

    I’m interested in running this ultra. Flying from Aus, any info would be appreciated. Cheers

  43. deckdweller says:

    Hi there. Not sure where to register but put me down. Guess details will be out closer to the time?

  44. erika josa says:

    I would love to register for this race, how does this works?


    I`d like to try this ultra marathon! Please let me give it a try!

  46. erikajosamassage says:

    Yes very keen to run that beautiful track!

  47. Jessica Thorn says:

    I’d like to register, thanks.


    Hi! I’d like to participate in this race. Please put me in this event!

  49. Robert Gibson says:

    Keen for this event. Count me in.

  50. Kelsey Howard says:

    Sweet, count me in for the Saddle Sore race.

  51. Dougal Pollock says:

    Hi, Dougal here from Nelson, am very keen to enter this race, do you send info- further registration details?
    Thanks very much

    • No. See you at Picton 5.30am on Friday 9th November. Remember no aid stations so you you need to carry your water and food.

      • dougal pollock says:

        Hi, Thanks for that- sounds like its all on! I have not run a marathon before- in fact 32 km is my max so far. Is it individual responsibility, come and give it a go sort of thing? I keen and willing! What is the cost please?
        thanks heaps

  52. Israel says:

    I would like to register for this race… Count on me.

  53. VĂ©ronique says:

    Please count me in as well as my friend Nicolas Mohli. We’re both from New Caledonia. This will be an international race!!! đŸ˜€

  54. Rob Salisbury says:

    Count me in too!

  55. Luke Harrington says:

    This sounds great, count myself and George Grieve in.

  56. VĂ©ronique says:

    Hello, I would like to participate, as well as my friend Nicolas Mohli. See you!

  57. Carl Bevins says:

    I’m in – sounds great. I gather I need to buy a ticket on the earliest ferry from Picton to the far end for the Friday morning? Cheers, Carl

  58. Andy Bennett says:

    Count me in for Friday 9th Nov. Thanks Andy

  59. Verity & Steve says:

    Hi there, Loved it last year so you can count me in again.

  60. VĂ©ronique says:

    Please add our friend Bruno Fournis, also from New Caledonia. Thanks cheers

  61. Stephen Lukey says:

    I’m in – I think I’ll be around the 11 hour mark so sing out if you are planning to go at about that speed

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