QC Ultramarathon 2013 Registration

Saturday 2nd November 2013

Just list your name below if you are planning to undertake the 2013 Queen Charlotte Ultramarathon. Go to the COST page for payment details. There is a limit to the number of people that Beachcomber can take out to Ship Cove for the start so get your entry in earlier rather than later.

Check out the facebook page at : http://www.facebook.com/groups/qcultramarathon/

73 Responses to QC Ultramarathon 2013 Registration

  1. sydkiwi says:

    Hi my name is Tim and i wanted to register my interest in this event

  2. Ash Walker says:

    Ash Walker

  3. Tanya says:

    I would be interested in this. the 71km please

  4. Grant Standing says:

    Grant S, i would b keen to do run, got my first marathon in feb and could then train for this run the 71km, love trail running

  5. Dominikus Heinzeller says:

    Dominikus Heinzeller

  6. Raquel says:

    I’m interested in registering for this event!

  7. Ian says:

    Ian and Tys 71km please

  8. simon oliver says:

    Simon Oliver from the UK would like to take part in 2013. Whole distance if poss. Sounds a dream event.

  9. Hi there,
    I have a 50k ultra in the usa Feb 2 2013.
    Our City is Charlotte,We have the same name sake and ultra run.
    Could we be sister city Ultra,And may some day,Have runners run both races.
    I know this does not sound to good but look us up.Our city leader would love a bond of this type to take place.

  10. Scott Iszard says:

    Scott Iszard

  11. stuey says:

    count me in please

  12. Andre Cettina says:

    Yes please…. 71km

  13. Mark Huxford says:

    Mark, keen to try the 71km

  14. Andrew Middlebrook says:

    I’m in… Andrew Middlebrook

  15. Kirsty says:

    Kirsty keen to do the 71 k. Thanks.

  16. Glen Paterson says:

    Glen Paterson would like to do 51km

  17. Raeana Connell says:

    Hi I would be interested in participating in this event

    Raeana Connell

  18. Brendon Thonpson says:

    Brendon Thompson. This sounds crazy so I am in

  19. Richard Leary says:

    I am interested in competing in the 71km this year

  20. emma-jane lawrence says:

    Keen to do 51k

  21. Andrea Harper says:

    Yep keen as, have a group of four ready for action!

  22. Paddy Dowling says:

    I am that keen it is crazy. please contact me as I also have 4 others who are extremely interested in competing this year.

  23. John McLaughlin says:

    I visited the Marlborough sounds last October on my first trip to NZ, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been! Can’t wait to return and compete in my first ultra marathon!!!!

  24. Fiona Hayvice says:

    Please count me in – 71km

  25. Paddy Dowling says:

    I am keen fo the entire ultra marathon. Looks crazy so I am there. I also have 4 others who are extremely keen to do the full as well. I have already posted this using my laptop but it has crashed and just resending to make sure it has gone through.



  26. Bugger, day before the Auckland marathon….. hmm…

    Run <10hrs, last boat to Picton, last ferry to Wellington, last flight back to Auckland. In bed by 1am, up at 4:30am to go to the ferry to the marathon start…. could be a bit tight… but don't right me off just yet.

  27. Richard Leary says:

    I am very keen to enter this year

  28. Ralph Christophers says:

    Hi folks.Thanks to all for the effort to get this event up and going.Looking forward to a return,improve on the last time and thinking(???) of turning back and then doing a return to make this a 100km.Was sooo cool last time(2010).Cheers

    • Hi Ralph
      100km might a little short (71 x 2 = 100km plus a marathon). You’ll probably need a torch.
      I assume you are joking!

      • Ralph Christophers says:

        Hi ya Martyn.Hope alls well and we get that stunning weather we had last time.Running with gps,so do the 71,hopefully,turn around,run 15,about face,back to Anikiwa,and that lovely coffee caravan!Got my photos and computer sorted,would you like shots from my previous.Cheers

      • Hi Ralph
        I had planned something a bit more challenging for next year for those who find 71km not quite long enough. It’s almost certainly never been attempted. Anakiwa to Cape Jackson (lighthouse) and then back to Anakakata Bay. Basically it’s the Queen Charlotte Track backwards (Anakiwa to Ship Cove) plus the lesser well known Outer Queen Charlotte track. This gives you slightly more than 100k. If you wanted this year as an alternative you could turn right at Ship Cove (Outer Queen Charlotte Track) and do the extra kms along that track before turning round and catching up with everybody else on route to Anakiwa!
        PS Yes old photos would be great – please email to : qcultramarathon@gmail.com

      • Yes photos would be great. Cheers Martyn

  29. Amanda Mulock says:

    Am definitely consider entering this ultra.
    Amanda Mulock

  30. Paul Ayres says:

    hi, im keen to do the full track….what are the options for getting from finish back to picton?
    is there any cut off times etc or can we continue on at our own pace?

  31. Trevor Collins says:

    Hi im Trevor .i am interested in the 71 km

  32. Tim Sutton says:

    Tim Sutton

  33. Ronan Phelan says:

    I am interested the 71 km course

  34. willi says:

    71km event please

  35. jono williams says:

    Please add my name for the single 71km option. Cheer, Jono Williams

  36. simon huntley says:

    Count me in for the 71 please

  37. Amy Watts says:

    Hi, is there still room for one more?

  38. Carla Duffield says:

    Hi Martyn
    I would like to register.

  39. Sean Timoney says:

    Hi Martyn
    I have just booked ride to ships cove!
    Sean T

  40. Jeremy Doherty says:

    Count me in ,looks fantastic. Jeremy Doherty

  41. Jean Le Roux says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to register. My name is Jean Le Roux

  42. Shawn Sturland says:

    My name is Shawn Sturland and I would like to register for the 71km event Nov 2013.

  43. Matt Watson says:

    Keen to give the full 71km a go.
    Cheers Matt Watson

  44. Isacco Scanavino says:

    I would like to register for the 71 km race of Saturday 2 November 2013.
    Isacco Scanavino

  45. jodi kearney says:

    I would also like to register, Jodi Kearney. Have booked with beachcombers. Cheers

  46. Matt Watson says:

    I’m keen to do the 71km
    Matt Watson

  47. Jason Miezio says:

    Jase Miezio from Wellington is doing it, looks great, will be travelling over the day prior I think on the interislander

  48. Patrick Bodzak says:

    Patrick Bodzak – keen to give this a go.

  49. scott molina says:

    Scott Molina – would like to do the 71km and my friend Dave Lawson would like to do it also (although he doesn’t know it yet….. )
    Cheers, Scott

  50. Paul says:

    Paul Dalley, I’m keen. See you all there.

  51. Bob Hamilton says:

    Bob from Canmore, Canada (near Banff). We will be in NZ visiting friends and I would love to join you Nov. 2. If I can only manage the 51k is there a way to get to the finish by boat?

  52. I would like to register please; Aubrey Begley.

  53. Lilla Csorgo says:

    I’m in and booked on the ferry.

  54. Dayna Williams says:

    I would like to register 2 people for the race please, Dayna Williams and Rickie Gibson
    Thanks very much

  55. Richard Hudson says:

    I am keen to do the 71km race please

    • Paul Dalley [CCDHB] says:

      I’m very dubious about making the event. I’ve had to have 3 days in hospital with pneumonia. Likely to take 6 weeks to fully recuperate, let alone train up. BUGGER!

      Paul Dalley

      Sent from my iPhone

  56. Ralph Christophers says:

    Hi there Martyn.Thanks for your idea re right out of Ships Cove,sounds a beauty.See you soon,body lasting/behaving!!Cheers.

  57. Tanya says:

    Im currently in the maybe category now. I have stress fractures in my foot and still waiting on recovery time. crossing fingers but it is looking like I may have to pull out…not happy

  58. Patrick says:

    Is there organised road transport between the finish line and Picton on the day of the race? If not, what is the typical taxi fare? Cheers, Patrick B.

    • Hi Patrick
      There is no organised road transport from the finish to Picton. You would need to check with the local taxi companies with regard to availability and fares.
      More people may use the facebook page than the website – you could post a question to ask if anyone else is travelling to Picton afterwards and catch a lift.

  59. Stephen Lukey says:

    Hi Martyn, Please ut my name down for this. I’ll decide on the day whether I do 50k or 71k. Cheers Stephen

  60. Cédric cagniart says:

    In for the full track. See you tomorrow 🙂

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