Results 2nd November 2013

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8 Responses to Results 2nd November 2013

  1. Matt Watson says:

    Hi Martyn
    Thanks for yesterday was amazing. I finished the 71km in 9hrs 22mins which Im stoked with.
    I hope Ralph reached his target of 100kms

    Matt Watson

  2. aubreybegley says:

    Thank you for organising, stunning day to be running in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Completed the 51km (fair bit of walking!), will be back again. Cheers

  3. Carla Duffield says:

    Hi Martyn
    My time was same as last year! 9 hours 34 mins. Hope to be back next year too!

  4. brendon says:

    I have no idea what time I ran. But loved every minute…..

  5. Ralph Christophers says:

    Greetings Martyn and all,First a thank you for your effort in keeping this event going.A ‘hi” to all the runners,great company on a magic day,Mother Nature at her best.Will get photos to you next week,been in Aussie,or work(to pay for next trip).Cheers.

  6. simon oliver says:

    Hi Martin
    Thanks for a great day out on the trail. I was poorly at the end of the race but after I had been poorly I was ready to go again. I popped over the the backpackers at Anakina at 10 o@clock to dance but everyone had gone to bed by then. I am now back in the Uk having a rest after a wild 4 weeks in NZ. The Q Charlotte run was the ideal way to finish the holiday.
    Thanks Simon Oliver

  7. simon oliver says:

    Oh yes Martin, do you have any results for the day? My time assuming I started at 6.48 am was 9 Hrs 34 mins I think
    Simon Oliver

  8. Ralph Christophers says:

    Hi Martyn and all.Big sorry for being so late.Have sent photos of the 2013 group today.Such rubbish weather,great time to pick up on “lost jobs”.Cheers everyone and hope you all enjoying some good runs and company.Give me a buzz at if any problems or if you would like photos to you.Ralph.

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