Results 11.11.11

Race options:

Runners recorded their own times based on a start time of 6.45am at Ship Cove. ? means I do not have a finishing time. Please feel free to correct an mistakes and/or notify me of your finishing time.

Ultramarathon (71km) Stages 1 – 4

1. Carl Olsson (7.21) – First Man

1. Jean Beaumont (9.15)- First Women

Other finishers were:

Ryan Lock (8.08)

Neil Hay (8.08)

Bernie O’Fagan (11.00)

Eugen Kwok (9.40)

Richard Holdaway (10.09)

Nelly Hymen ?

Tracey Woodford (9.30)

Greg Riford ?

William Tokona ?

Megan Stewart ?

Sam Richmond (10.20)

Troy Mouat (10.40)

Dawn Pascoe (9.27)

Steve Kennard (8.53)

Jono Williams (8.04)

Ralph Christopher (9.44)

Martyn Crossley (10.45)

Robyn Perkins (9.00)

Owen Rowse (10.20)

Billie Marshall (10.20)

Robert Jarvis (9.15)

Ian Easingwood (8.32)

Andrew Bedford (8.17)

Will Jones ?

Paul Copplestone (11.44)

Ultramarathon (51km) Stages 1-3

Alistair Hunt (7.00)

Jane Manthorpe (9.44)

Richard Turner?

5 Responses to Results 11.11.11

  1. me says:

    Gidday, firstly thanks for the opportunity to take on the QC – I thoroughly enjoyed my day – having my own private party on the track whilst training for the Atacama race!!. I did finish – last but not least in under 14 hours!. I could have taken a lighter pack but that would not have achieved my training goal and the sights were amazing – to good to miss!
    I understand that many photo’s were taken – just wondered if there were any links or contact details

  2. Ralph Christophers says:

    Hi folks.What a magic day to run/walk the track.I have some photos and will post soon,sorry for delay,Red Zone in ChCh and in middle of moving-hopefully!Many thanks to the folk who put the day together,thanks to the others for your company,inspired me to do the extra 20 odd km,did the full track in the end.sorry I didn’t stay longer at the end,had to leave with my lift back to Picton.Cheers all,have a great time over Christmas.Ralph.

  3. Ralph Christophers says:

    Hi there to Martyn,sorry,misplaced(OK,so I lost),your email so I can forward the photos.Love to share them.Could you please bump me up to the full distance in the results,ta.Just goes to show what you can do on a good day,lovely country and great company.Thanks to those souls who appeared to be suffering more than me but contiued on,made me “man-up”,lol.Cheers

  4. Iain Easingwood says:

    Hi Martin think my time was 8.32.

    Thanks for a great event, a fine day out……..

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