Safety Information

This is an unofficial race / event in which a group of like-minded individuals gather together at the same time to share the experience of running through the QC track.  There are no specific safety plans in place and each runner is responsible for the provision of their own water and other supplies.

4 Responses to Safety Information

  1. Willem Lampe says:

    What do you mean by support crew? Is it ok if I have someone at the finish line or is a boat going to follow the course?

  2. Troy Mouat says:

    Can you please confirm the timings from Picton to Ship Cove for the Beachcomber water taxi on Friday morning and will they be continuing on to Camp Bay with drop bags for the runners?
    I did read a post somewhere saying they would be carrying on to Camp Bay and then Anakiwa after dropping the runners at Ship Cove.
    Also what time do you expect the run to start from Ship Cove so we can organise timings for our support crew along the way?

    • Hello Depart Picton – Beachcomber office at 5.30am. Arrive Ship Cove about 6.30am. Start 7.00am. Once the runners have been dropped off the boat will travel to Camp Bay and leave any gear. Once you arrive Camp Bay any gear left will be collected and taken on to Anakiwa. No arrangements for travel once the runners arrive at Anakiwa hve been made. Beachcomber are taking payment for the travel now. Cheers Martyn There will be some food and drinks available at Anakiwa. Cheers Martyn

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