Take on the Queen (Race Report 2010)

Check out this website for a great race report.


1 Response to Take on the Queen (Race Report 2010)

  1. Steve Combe says:

    Thanks for a great track description, it has helped with deciding to get up there for 11.11.11.
    On your last paragraph, some thoughts-I thoroughly enjoyed your account and stand behind all your remarks about being open and positive. Sharing knowledge gained by putting yourself through the mill is a long way off “blowing your own trumpet” though. We all enjoy the understated side of Kiwi nature and I don’t think it’ll give way to brashness in the near future. The Myers Briggs personality anlysis tool used in business identified 75% of Americans as extrovert and the opposite with Kiwis. Are we just like that or does society play its part? Tall poppy sysndrome is plain negative nonesense, but humility a great character trait. One is imposed and the other meekly lived out. It would be great if we could have one without the other… Perhaps I should stick to running and leave the philosophy to the bearded ones! Cheers

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