Travel & Accommodation

I suppose most people will sort this out for themselves. If there are any specific questions just use the form below. Accommodation options are listed in order. Those located nearest the finish at Anakiwa are listed first. 

Linkwater:  Smiths Farm Holiday Park 03 574 2806

Tirimoana House 03 5742627

Anakiwa (Finish)

YHA Anakiwa Lodge 03 574 2115

Anakiwa Backpackers & Green Caravan Cafe 03 574 1388. The owners will be operating the cafe on the day for runners and support crew. The garden may also become the venue for a post race BBQ.

Stage 4 Accommodation (Anikiwa to Torea Saddle)

Davies Bay campsite

Te Mahia Bay Resort 03 573 4089

Mistletoe Bay Eco Village 03 573 4048

Lochmara Lodge 03 573 4554

Treetops Backpackers 03 573 4404

DeBretts 03 573 4522

Cowshed Bay campsite

The Portage Resort Hotel 03 573 4309

Stage 3 Accommodation (Torea Saddle to Camp Bay)

Black Rock campsite

Bay of Many Coves Resort & Spa 03 5799771

Craglee Lodge Retreat 03 579 9223

Bay of Many Coves campsite

Stage 2 Accommodation (Camp Bay to Endeavour Inset)

Noeline’s Homestay 03 579 8375

Mahana Lodge 03 579 8373

Punga Cove Resort 03 579 8561

Madsens Camp 03579 8106

Miners Camp 03 579 8186

The Woolshed 03 579 8398

Stage 1 Accommodation (Endeavour Inset to ship Cove)

Endeavour Resort 03 579 8259

Furneaux Lodge 03 579 8259

No Road Inn 03 579 8300

Cnoc na Lear Backpacker Retreat 03 579 8444

The Blue Water Lodge 03 579 8400

Tawa Cove Lodge Homestay 03 579 8363

Resolution Bay Cabins 03 579 9411

Ship Cove (Start)

10 Responses to Travel & Accommodation

  1. Megan Stewart says:

    Really keen to enter this but cant get into the registration site so could you please add me to the growing list!
    is there a time limit on the event – i plan to run walk the track? Cheers in anticiptation of your reply

  2. Hello Megan
    Your name has been added. The QC pass lasts for 4 days and there is no official cut-off time. Cut-off times are often used in official events as a safety measure. This is NOT an official event (its more of a secret covert infiltration of Ship Cove under the cover of darkness by a small group of runners). There now appears to be quite a few runners, it might not be dark and websites are perhaps not a good way of keeping things secret!
    For personal safety reasons it would not be sensible to run on your own with dim light.
    It is relatively easy to arrange accommodation somewhere along the track and finish the run on the next day (Saturday). I certainly plan on walking / running.

  3. megan stewart says:

    cheers Martyn for the info – nice it is not an official event and I really like the stealth mode of infiltration !! I also have a colleague who wants to undertake his first ultra – please add Sam Richardson to the list. I really enjoy running/walking at night and will probably continue through the night – I am a big girl now ha ha!!

  4. Big girls have been know to have the occasional accident especially at night and remember there won’t be any St Johns paramedics jumping out from the Trees to help you!

  5. Maria Benschop says:

    Hi Martyn,

    I havent done an ultra before and was only going to do the 50km option so just checking il do that in a day then just organise water pick up from there?

    • No problem. Also Anakiwa, Te Mahia Saddle, Torea Saddle and Keenepura Saddle are accessible by road. Stage 3 finishes near Torea Saddle. Will you be making your way to the finish at Anakiwa or back to Picton?
      “only going to do the 50km option” perhaps a slight contradiction?

      • Maria Benschop says:

        Hi Martyn,

        Thank you for your reply. Was hoping to get back to picton that day. Excuse my lack of knowledge is Torea Bay far from the finish of the 50km option? Could i get a water taxi back from Torea Bay?

  6. Garry Ashton says:

    Contact the NO ROAD INN is only by email as we are closed until September so cannot answer the phone.
    The No Road Inn is the new Lodge in Endeavour inlet with hot baths in all guest rooms unlimited hot water and an outdoor hot tub. A necessity for those weary bodys.
    Garry Ashton.

  7. Jono says:

    Is anybody catching a water taxi from Anakiwa to the start that I can share? Happy to share costs.

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